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The center coordinates cooperation across industry, government, academia, research institutes, and medical facilities to increase Taiwan’s AI research capacity, nurture high-level RD personnel, enhance the industry, promote research results to facilitate social and economic development, create a world-class platform, and strengthen Taiwan’s global influence.

AI Technology Sub-Center Target

The AI Technology (AIT) sub-center seeks to become a world-class AI innovation and research hub by bringing together researchers across the areas of computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, data mining, big data analytics, IC design, and law. AIT hosts over three dozen faculty and more than 500 graduate students undertaking research on fundamental advances and applications in the above areas, as well as fosters AI talent and startups.

All Vista Healthcare Sub-Center Target

The All Vista Healthcare (AVH) sub-center aims to establish a world level platform to boost AI-application-oriented data and technology exploration, through which any technology targeted for specific AI application can be quickly developed and validated. This sub-center is expected to lead domestic research teams specialized in Bio and Medicine to advance the current level of domestic medicine, and in turn to improve the health and well-being of our fellow people. Another aim of the sub-center is to build up a critical cluster of bio and medical research integrated with AI, so that our substantial domestic medical achievements enhanced by AI techniques can be more easily recognized worldwide.



NTU AI Center is managed by Director Chen, Co-director Fu, CEO Huang, and Associate Executive Officer Tseng

Hsin-Hsi Chen, Director

Professor, National Taiwan University Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Tel: +886-2-3366-4888 ext. 311
Personal website http://nlg.csie.ntu.edu.tw/advisor.php

Li-Chen Fu, Co-Director

Professor, National Taiwan University Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
E-mail: lichen@csie.ntu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-2-3366-3558
Personal website: https://www.ntueeacl.com/advisor.html

Po-Yuan Tseng, Associate Executive Officer

E-mail: gpytseng2018@ntu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-2-2732-8564

Jhing-Fa Wang, Steering Committee

Lee-Feng Chien, Steering Committee

Chih-Han Yu, Steering Committee

Yi-Chin Tu, Steering Committee

Chin-Yew Lin, Steering Committee

Ann-Shyn Chiang, Steering Committee

Jong-Tsun Huang, Steering Committee

Guan-Tarn Huang, Steering Committee

Frank Hung, Steering Committee

San-Cheng Chang, Steering Committee

Min-Huei Hsu, Steering Committee

AI Technology Sub-Center Project Team

  • Winston Hsu, National Taiwan University

    DeepTutor: From Question and Answering to Tutoring by Leveraging Large-scale Multimedia Streams

  • Jwo-Yuh Wu, National Chiao Tung University

    Sparsity-aware Learning and Classification: Compressive Sensing Meets Artificial Intelligence

  • Pei-Yuan Wu, National Taiwan University

    Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

  • Hong-Yuan Liao, Academia Sinica

    Deep Learning for Multimedia Information Processing and Applications

  • Hsin-Hsi Chen, National Taiwan University

    AI Support for Social and Mental Activities of the Elderly

  • Shan-Hung Wu, National Tsing Hua University

    Content Generation Techniques and Platform for Native Advertisement Based on AI and Deep Learning

  • Jen-Tzung Chien, National Chiao Tung University

    Deep Learning Theories and Applications

  • Yao-Win Hong, National Tsing Hua University

    Crowd AI: Distributed Learning, Aggregation, and Privacy

  • Shih-Hau Fang, Yuan Ze University

    Crowd AI: Cooperative Positioning, Geographical Knowledge, Edge Profile Learning, and Cognitive Interaction

  • I-Hsiang Wang, National Taiwan University

    Crowd AI: Crowdsourced Machine Learning from Cyber-physical Crowds

  • Chi-Chun Lee, National Tsing Hua University

    Crowd AI: Users Representation Learning, Affect Computing, and Behavior Shaping

  • Chu-Song Chen, Academia Sinica

    Merging Heterogeneous Deep Models and Learning Retrieval Features

  • Min Sun, National Tsing Hua University

    Training a Deep Learning-based Agent/Robot at Scale

  • Yu-Chiang Wang, National Taiwan University

    Deep Domain Adaptation: Cross-modality Visual Perception, Synthesis, and Beyond

  • Tian-Sheuan Chang, National Chiao Tung University

    Collaborative Artificial Neural Network Computing Platform Using In-memory-processing Technique

  • Rung-Hung Gau, National Chiao Tung University

    Large-scale Stochastic Optimization for AI: Theory, Algorithms, and Software

  • Tsungnan Lin, National Taiwan University

    AI/Data Science-based Intelligent Cybersecurity Analysis, Defense, and Forensic Techniques

  • Chung-Ho Chen, National Cheng Kung University

    Edge AI GPU Processor Based on OpenCL/TensorFlow APIs

All Vista Healthcare Sub-Center Project Team

  • Li-Chen Fu, National Taiwan University

    AI Robots that Care for Human Physical and Mental States

  • Wei-Chih Liao, National Taiwan University

    Improving Detection and Characterization of Pancreatic Masses through Artificial Intelligence-assisted Imaging Processing

  • Wen-Te Liu, Taipei Medical University

    Developing Artificial Intelligence and IOT Technology on Precision Sleep Medicine

  • Yu-Chuan Li, Taipei Medical University

    Artificial Intelligence for Earlier and Safer Medicine Worldwide

  • Wei-Chung Wang, National Taiwan University

    Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis and Clinical Workflows

  • Ruey-Feng Chang, National Taiwan University

    Automated Breast Ultrasound Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis Using Deep Learning

  • Sheng-Lung Huang, National Taiwan University

    Deep Learning on 3D Cellular-resolution Tomogram

  • Fei-Pei Lai, National Taiwan University

    NTU Medical Genie: AI Decision Support System for Precision Medicine

  • Jinn-Moon Yang, National Chiao-Tung University

    Intelligent Computing Precision Medical and Drug Development Platform

  • Shih-Jen Tsai, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

    Machine Learning Approach to Phenotyping Psychiatric Disorders Using Large-scale Neuroimaging and GeneChip


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